Safety shoe production process and process equipment introduction

Safety shoes production process points: molding, injection, adhesive, seam. Injection of safety shoes light, soles and vamps high viscosity, outsole is usually made of polyurethane materials, wear, waterproof; adhesive shoes is a long history of the production of a traditional process, the general soles of rubber and other materials with plastic shoes and The upper part of the shoe and the pressure of the mold is cheaper to belong to the low-end products, here is not introduced.

For the process equipment, here focuses on the injection of safety shoes production equipment. International is currently recognized as the most advanced safety shoe production equipment Germany's Deshima DESMA even the injection shoe machine and the Italian reputation even to help injection shoe machine, the whole process by the computer control, which Dresdner DESMA and Bayer Technology Materials Of the ultra-low density foam technology marriage, so that DESMA equipment, the amount of technology to meet the global similar equipment can not achieve a new height, buffer performance, energy absorption, seismic performance, adhesive fastness always walk in the forefront of technology. But because of the high price of such products, in China or by a small number of enterprises in the first use of technology and equipment to bring high-quality products. Domestic disc injection shoe machine as a result of low prices, easy maintenance, and the amount of fast and was in most of the safety shoe manufacturers widely used, product quality generally in the hands of the operation of technical personnel, the production cost is much lower than the imported equipment.

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