Established in 1997,Zhangshitonghe shoes CO. Ltd was the former Kaixuan Shoes Factory . Focused on people and technology, we had developed to an annually 1,500,000 pairs productivity professional safety shoes manufacturer from small factory.

We have a 8000m² factory in Hangzhou,more than 200 employees. Our products are distributed throughout China,exported to the Middle East, Europe, North America, South  America, Africa and Australia.

With a standard procedure to contral the material suppliers, production process, factory inspecition, we have got ISO9001 quality control system,CE certificate and more importantly, we passed BSI factory audit and got the certificate. All our products can be traceable.

Today, we land on Australia and build our sales offices in Melbourne, we will launch our brand, but also can undertake OME oders.

We will be the highest quality, lowest price and thriving company grown in Australia, serving in Australia.